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Are you ready to become an AR Master?

Wristworld is an augmented reality puzzle RPG using wristbands.  Travel through four holographic lands, interact with characters to solve the mystery, show off your 3D character and carry a whole world...on your wrist!  Saving Wristworld hinges on your ability to become an augmented reality master.  The future is literally in your hands!


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Hatsune Miku

is in 


A new Wrist World band, just for Miku



The Wristworld series spans 4 wristbands, each with unique multi-layered lands home to bizarre characters, tricky tasks, and hidden items needed to complete the quest. 


The game is non-linear, so it can be played in any order, but you must master all 4 wristbands to win the game.

​Wristworld updates will keep the action going, even after you beat the initial version. New app updates will expand levels, add new characters and quests in the future.

Designed By Kids for Kids

What would happen if students created a "Silicon Valley" style startup?  A group of Oklahoma middle school entrepreneurs teamed up with industry leaders to find out. 


In the process, they built a disruptive tech-toy for ages 6 and up, pushing the boundaries of video gaming augmented reality, and wearable technology.

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Compatible Devices

Apple: We do not support iPads. Devices iphone 6S+ or newer, running iOS 11+, have a camera, and a 64-bit CPU. Other devices that are running iOS 11+, have a camera and have a 64-bit CPU (iPhone 5s or newer) might not have good performance, so we don't suggest them.

Android: We do not support tablets. Devices running ARM64, have a camera, hdpi, OpenGL 2.0 (or newer), and are running Android 9 (Pie) are preferred. Other devices running ARM64, that have a camera, and are running Android 5 (Lollipop)+ might not have good performance.

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